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Inner beauty or outer beauty? Is a girl beautiful because of what she has on or is she beautiful because of what she has on the inside? That is a good question. Well, Ciara Ijames believes girls are beautiful just the way they are and she wants to teach girls how to become beautiful from the inside out. It’s not what’s on the outside that makes a girl beautiful but it’s about what’s on the inside. This book does an awesome job relating to girls, helping them deal with their emotions in a positive way, and showing them how to be beautiful in every area of their lives.  
The topics discussed in this book are great for girl groups, book clubs, and beneficial reading for any teen! Many of the topics covered range from Relationships, Community, Life Skills, Inner Beauty, and Self-Confidence. Teens will also have the tools they need to use social media in a beautiful way, be introduced to financial literacy and take pointers on how to lead as a beautiful young lady. There’s Beauty Inside… This Young Lady is perfect for any teen who is looking to discover the treasures she has within: #TheresBeautyInsideTYL!


Ages: 13-17

    There's Beauty Inside... This Young Lady

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