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What is Book Match™?

Blue Match™ is a program that believes in purposeful reading. Many organizations around the world do a great work helping those who are in need and we know it is not easy.  We aid and assist in collaborating with our partners in their effort to serve others through the literature and/or monetary donations we provide.


How Does Book Match™ Work?

Selected titles are matched with organizations who have similar targets and demographics. For every 10 books sold of selected title, CI Publishing Group will donate 1 book to matched organizations. In special cases, a percentage of sales may be donated as well.


Who Do the Books Go to?

Organizations who service people we believe could benefit from the message in our books.


When and How Are Books Distributed?

Books and monetary donations are distributed on a monthly, bi-monthly, or a quarterly basis*. Books and monetary donations will then be distributed evenly between the matched organizations.


How Do I Get Involved?

As an Organization, you can participate in our program by filling out an application

As a Consumer, you help us give and donate by purchasing one of our books


The ‘Why’ Behind Book Match™

We believe books are powerful and impacting so we hope that by collaborating with other organizations we can help change lives by influencing reading and literacy and impacting someone’s life in a positive way. With our monetary donations, we hope to help ease the burden while partnering with others to change lives.




Don’t get hooked

Be Sure to look for the Blue Book!

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