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Meet Brenda, a very normal nine-year-old girl except, she has a very big secret. She dreams one day of becoming a famous writer. So, Brenda thought it was a good idea to start recording her childhood and put her stories into books. In this story, Brenda takes us into one of her hardest challenges yet: she is asked to give up her favorite shirt to someone in need. See how Brenda handles this task and how she comes out being strong and courageous in the end.

            My Favorite Shirt includes discussion questions and comprehension questions as well as dozens of sight words and high-frequency words to help readers practice in order to meet or exceed reading standards. Aside from being an educational tool, this story highlights character values such as generosity and courage in Brenda’s example as she gives something she cherishes to someone in need. The Mini-Activities and relative content make My Favorite Shirt fun, engaging, and educational for the whole family.


Word Count 406

My Favorite Shirt

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