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New Poems. New Experiences. More Questions. Same Creativity. Same Inspiration. Ciara Ijames delivers again in this special Anniversary Edition of Gracisously Speaking. This book features crowd favorites like “Walking in My Destiny”, “Girl Stop”, “Queena”, and “On the Horizon”. The elegant contemporary poems and home-hitting content compel one to think and engage in the conversation.


Dive in as Ciara provides a glimpse into her innermost thoughts as she questions events in our world, confronts antagonists and inspires others through the words she speaks.

The poems from the first book have grown in appreciation and value for their timeless wisdom, witty delivery, and unique story-telling. The newly added poems such as “Love, Love”, “Happiness”, and “Almost Missed It” have great complimentary features to the original poems.


May the conversation continue.

Graciously Speaking: 10 Year Anniversary Edition

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